Oh, hello world

Blogs. I’ve been reading them for longer than I can remember. It doesn’t matter whether you visit your favourite blogs daily, use one of the handy little tools like Reeder to access them, or rely on your social media connections to notify you about the best posts, blogs are a great source of information.

Time to contribute

As a self-taught web developer, I have adopted quite a bit of knowledge, experience and opinions from blogs. I would even go so far as saying that they have been my main source of know-how.

Until recently, I never really felt the urge to express any of my opinions to the world or to the web community in particular. I started putting together a list of stuff that I wanted to write about a while ago and it grew more quickly than I anticipated. It turns out I do have something to say.

Rolling up the sleeves

Having content is one thing, having a blog is another. Of course I could just go and set something up on Tumblr or Blogger on a lazy Sunday afternoon but I wouldn’t be able to call myself a web developer, now would I? Hence, the website you are looking at. I’ll write a post on the technical details of how and why my blog was made later.

But first, a bit more background.

A proper introduction

I’m Glenn. Glenn Naessens. I grew up in Belgium, where I went to school and learned the basics of HTML and CSS, fiddled around with Javascript and Actionscript and acquired – to me – useless skills like putting resistors on a circuit board. After realizing this wasn’t the right thing for me, I dropped out of school and started looking for a job. After looking for something that wouldn’t just make me some money but also improve my skill set. I found a full time job where I used ASP.net, HTML, CSS and jQuery make websites, web applications or just simple online business cards. I did some print design, put together e-mail newsletters, helped set up the IT side of office spaces, wired up my first patch panel and became acquainted with VoIP. I got to work with a lot of young bright minds!

O Canada

At some point in his life, a man meets a woman. A really good one. And then he quits his job and follows her to Canada. At least, that’s how it went down for me. We lived in Montreal for a while where I decided to take some time to get up to speed on some techniques, updated my knowledge on and started using HTML5 and CSS3. Studied PHP, Code Igniter and Expression Engine. I was totally ready for the freelance market!

An offer you can’t refuse

Things brought us to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Upon arrival I decided to give the crowd sourcing idea a try. I scored some projects and made some money but I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. Investing time into work without even knowing if you are going to get the project was frustrating.

I was going to need connections if I wanted to do something bigger so I sent out some e-mails to web agencies in and around Halifax. Fast forward to today…

I can call myself part of the wonderful team at Able Sense Media. We craft hand made web applications and responsive websites using mainly WordPress as a CMS. We focus on usability and design for content (not the other way around). We try to do things the right way.

Having properly introduced myself now, I think we can get to business.

What you can expect from this website

This website serves two purposes. I wanted to have a place where I could share some of my thoughts, stuff that impresses me, help people with useful code snippets and showcase some of my spare time projects. It’s also a place where you can connect with me through various social media, e-mail me or find me at work. You can find links in the header on the homepage.

As I mentioned before, there’s quite a list of stuff ready to be written about in my Evernote so I’ll be in touch!